About Us

Quality and Company— The Name Says it all

About Us

Conceptualized 15 years ago by Rinaldo Caruso, Quality and Company has become one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Canada. We are North America’s favorite supplier of commercial furniture for the hospitality market. At Quality and Company, we offer full range of interior services to designers and hotel owners including in-house procurement, durable manufacturing, and interior designing.

Having years of experience in the industry, we have expert craftsmen ready to help companies in need of quality and flexibility. Providing high quality products with competitive pricing and exceptional service, Quality and Company is always ahead of its delivery schedule and offers high-end flexibility to our clients.

From Inspiration to Reality

Dedicated to making a statement with the fine quality furniture we manufacture, we aim to please our clients by taking care of the finest details. Addressing the needs of every step from designing to production and delivery, you can be rest assured of high quality owing to the state of the art procedures and experienced personnel paying attention to each order individually.


We understand the new designs, technologies, and changes that are taking place in the industry and are proud that we keep pace with them through our highly experienced professionals. Our skilled craftsmen ensure the durability of each piece they create, while the designers always take care of each and every detail to make sure it fits the specified function.

Design and Engineering

At Quality and Company, special attention is given to customer satisfaction. Designing and engineering, therefore, are integral part of every procedure that takes place in the company. We have a list of renowned U.S. and Canadian designer on board with us collaborating on a daily basis with the in-house technical research and development team to ensure quality.

Custom Orders

At Quality and Company, we are always prepared and welcome clients coming with special requirements pertaining to size, design, or quality of the product they want. You can always get in touch with us and our customer representative will guide you through the process of furniture manufacturing with special requirements.

Global Volume

We manufacture over 50,000 pieces of furniture each year shipped to over 35 countries around the world.

We are going Paperless

Quality and Company takes care of its environment and is already in the phase of going paperless. This website is one of the steps in achieving this goal. Our entire catalogue is now online.

Design Accolades

Having designed and created over 200 masterpieces over the past decade, Quality and Company has won praise and respect from our clients and our peers in the industry.

Corporate Clients

We have a large list of corporate clients including Four Seasons, Starbucks and others, and have made for them numerous pieces of furniture, each suited to their individual needs.